Crufts 2004

Crufts... The largest dog show in the world.... And here I was again! This was the second time I attended Crufts and once again we had brought two of or own dogs from Sweden. This time Glimma and Max travelled with Madelene and Peder in the car. They drove all the way down to the Netherlands and took the ferry from Hook of Holland to England while Glimma's owner Ammi and I flew over to Birmingham.

The Pharaoh Hounds were judged on the last of the four days of Crufts. Ammi and I spent the whole Saturday just walking around the huge NEC trying to see as much as possible. On Sunday we met Madelene, Peder and the dogs outside before we went to find the Pharaoh Hound bench without knowing what the day had to offer. We were just happy to be there to show our dogs and meet other Pharaoh fanciers. We also got to meet Slaine again, looking better than ever. His owners Kate and Roy keep him in such a wonderful condition.

Pharaoh Hounds were judged by Mrs M R Nixon. She was very thorough and the dogs got to move quite a lot. Her critique of our dogs will follow below.


Max was looking at the crowd passing the Pharaoh Hound benches. He did very well in the ring although the carpet was not much to his liking... Still I am pleased and he placed third in Open dogs. Unfortunately all the pictures of him in the ring were too dark.

His critique was as follows: Lonn's, Int/Nord ChSovrin Enigma Take a Chance on Me.Excellent topline. Showed well with a free driving movement. Classic head and expression. Large mobile ears. Front assembly good but appeared to move a little wide, maybe the carpet affected his movement. Lovely outline. Good ribs and depth of brisket. Strong hindquarters.


Slaine was handled by his owner Kate Harbinson and she did a splendid job. The two of them won Open dogs and then also the dog CC. It was great seeing Kate so happy about winning best dog and Slaine also got a wonderful critique from the judge.

Harbinson's, Ch. Enigma Score the Lot with Actolia (Imp). Good earset, super head and expression. Arched lengthy, neck. Pleasing layback of shoulder. Parallel straight legs. Well sprung ribs. Correctly angulated hindquarters. Sound stylish mover. Effortless gait. Looked good in outline both standing and on the move. DCC.


Glimma acted like the great show dog she is all day and it payed off! First we were so pleased with winning the very nice class of open bitches and then the bitch CC! I do believe Ammi was jumping up and down and cheering her girl at ring side. Glimma's critique makes me very happy and we send our thanks to Mrs Nixon for appreciating our girl.

Ojanpera-Backstrom. Swe/Dan Ch. Enigma Summer Love. BCC and BOB and third in Hound Group. A stunning bitch who had it all for my taste. Superb outline with a lovely head and neck. Fine large mobile ears. Well shaped body, correct ribs. Lovly layback of shoulder. Sound front with nicely knuckled feet. Beautifully mature in body. Good angulation to hindquarters. Moved so true in front with great drive from behind. A quality exhibit.

BOS and BOB at Crufts 2004

It was great going into the ring for BOB together with Kate as I would have been just as pleased if Slaine had taken BOB. Glimma and Slaine are after all litter mates and the only PH's there with the Enigma prefix!

Glimma in the group

Then Glimma also managed to be the first Pharaoh Hound ever to place in the Hound group at Crufts! Mr G Johnston wrote this critique about Glimma:

G3 the sparkingly shiny-caoted Pharaoh Hound, Ch. Enigma Summer Love, exceptionally clean lines and profile, great rapport between hound and handler brought out this Pharaoh's strong, forceful action. Head, eyes and ears all very pleasing, fine skin and rich colouring, supportive limbs and strong firm topline.

So this was Crufts 2004... I think this is one of our most memorable accomplishments so far...

See you next year! /Sofie